How did I learn about conversing by reading quotes?

Age is just a number

Quite absurd? Now you know why I had to make that kind of introduction.

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you into trouble — Frank Tyger

I’ll be brutally honest, it’s freaking difficult to sit and listen. Like for some reason we all are so wired to tell our amazing advice to people, like what we learnt, what we feel, and what we think (just like I’m telling you all with this article!).

Every conversation starts with good listening. — Unknown

I hope you are convinced since I added a relevant quote now.

Life is all about perspective.

Um a generic quote?? Yeah, it’s subjective and open to interpretation. But my interpretation out of it has been looking at a certain scenario from different angles. Ofcourse I’m not smart enough to think about all the angles, but I TRY. This part helps in empathising with people in different situations. If I honestly can’t relate to someone sharing or talking about something, I say this to me: “Since I was never in such kind of situation, I might not relate or realise the intensity of it.” This helps in keeping grounded and no stupid words coming out of me which you know might hurt the other person. Also looking at different opinions will help you broadening the perspective to some extent inturn helping the open-mindedness which definitely adds to having nice conversations.

Reading is the gateway skill that makes all the learning possible — Barack Obama.

I’m pretty sure you have heard the really famous quote quoted by Albert Einstein:

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

No, it just sounds brutal because of how true it is. Making conversations is not easy, like how far are you going to go with small talk? Once you start reading could be a novel, article, blogpost, and newsletters you are giving yourself enough food for thought, which will be helpful when you are talking to someone. (Hey watching good videos works fine too!) Like infact reading articles on Medium helped me gain a lot of general knowledge as well as some good thoughts to add in any conversation. You don’t agree on constantly consuming because you feel you are good conversation maker? Let me give you an example: You got a new iPhone and it’s been a while you have been using it, but alas by mistake it fell down and now you need a spare phone to use. Now let’s say the spare phone is a really old Android device with minimal features. And suddenly you are like ugh, this phone is so slow, it’s glitchy and not upgraded. Right there sir, not upgraded that’s what people will feel while talking to you if you stop updating yourself with some good resources.

Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind.

See I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know what a beautiful mind is up until you remove all the barriers in your head about age, gender, color, rusted thoughts, close-minded nature (you want me to go on? I’m pretty sure I have offended half of the people by now). My point is you can have one conversation with someone unexpected and it can be life changing. And also to mention, this quote is a disclaimer to check whether the person you are having a conversation with is beautiful minded or not, hehe. I know it’s all relative and please don’t get offended, but all we can do is strive to make the best conversations with people 🙌.

We all want a tan function growth chart, by putting efforts that don’t even deserve a step function. — Me

Stop being mean? I’m talking about me here alright, we tend to fantasize a lot about the outcome more than the work that needs to be actually done to get there.



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Bilwa Gaonker

Bilwa Gaonker


Curious about new technology | Host of podcast ‘Pep and Prep talks!’| Love to read articles that enlighten me with new topics!